About Air-Collect

The Air-Collect service

Air-Collect helps air travelers who have suffered a delayed, canceled or overbooked flight to obtain compensation of up to € 600 per passenger under EC Regulation 261/2004. To obtain the compensation to which you are entitled can be time consuming and sometimes difficult to obtain since many airlines are challenging the legislation. Thanks to the legal expertise and resources of Air-Collect, you have the possibility to obtain your compensation in a simple and effective way.

Air-Collect Legal

Thanks to the international network of our legal team made up of specialized lawyers from JFA Souillac et Associés in Paris we are able to carry out litigation proceedings all over the world.

Air-Collect Analytics

The Air-Collect proprietary flight database delivers accurate data to our legal department ensuring a strong legal position against the airlines.

How much does the Air-Collect service cost?

No cure, no pay. Air-Collect only gets paid if you receive compensation from the airline by applying a service fee of 25% VAT included on the total compensation obtained. If we do not get your compensation, all of the expenses incurred are at our expense.

Legal expenses

In the event that Air-Collect is obliged to go to court to obtain your compensation, you will not be charged with any legal fees. In other words, you do not pay anything.

The regulation and your rights

In what situation does Air-Collect decide to take my case to court ?

Air-Collect always offers the airline the possibility to meet its obligations for paying compensation for delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights to passengers as described in EC regulation 261/2004. In the event of a refusal, we ask the airline to provide us with the details and evidence that justify the non-recognition of the right to compensation. If we consider the justifications invoked by the airline are not valid, we will go as far as to present your case in court.

Why did Air-Collect classify my flight ineligible for compensation?

Air-Collect may consider your flight ineligible for compensation if your flight does not meet all the necessary requirements in accordance with the criteria stipulated in EC Regulation 261/2004. In the event of ineligibility of the claim, Air-Collect is not in a position to intervene.

How much compensation am I entitled to ?

Regulation EC 261/2004 compensation amounts depend on several criteria such the delay at arrival, the flight distance, whether or not destination falls within EU, if the airline is european or not.

  • for all flights less than 1500 KM compensation : € 250
  • for all flights more than 1500 KM and within the EU compensation : € 400
  • for flights between 1500 KM and 3500 KM compensation : € 400
  • for flights more than 3500 KM compensation € 600 ( this amount can be reduced by 50% if the delay is between 3 and 4 hours)

What happens in case of a cancelled flight?

If after cancellation of a flight, passengers arrive at their final destination with more than 2 hours delay in relation to the originally scheduled arrival time, passengers concerned may claim for compensation.

How long can it take to finalize a claim?

After receipt of your claim, Air-Collect confirms the eligibility of your claim within 5 working days. Depending on the authorities and countries, airlines have a response time at their disposal that can vary from 30 to about 90 days, before moving towards legal proceedings. Depending on the complexity of the claim and the responsiveness of the airline, the time of the procedure may vary. Nevertheless, the goal of Air-Collect is to achieve a positive result within 6 months. We consider it fast if a claim is paid in one month. We consider it slow if it takes more than a year to get payed.

How much time do I have left after my flight to claim for compensation?

Complaints can be filed according to several factors such as the countries concerned, the location of the airline, the flight path. Time limits might differ from country to another i.e.:

Austria 3 years
Belgium 1 year
France 5 years
Germany 3 years
Italy 2 years
United Kingdom 6 years
Italy 2 years
Portugal 3 years
Spain 5 years
The Netherlands 2 years
Spain 5 years

The documents needed to file your claim

Why do you need a power of attorney?

In order for Air-Collect to represent you and make the claim on your behalf, a legal authorization from you via a signed power of attorney is required.

Why do you need a power of attorney for an underage person?

If your child is underage and you want us to claim compensation on his or her behalf, a dedicated power of attorney signed by the parent, for each child, is legally required.

Please note : excluded from entitlement to compensation are all persons under 2 years of age on the date of the flight.

Why do you need a copy of my passport?

In some cases, airlines require a copy of the passport to verify that the identity of the applicant matches the name on the boarding pass and signed power of attorney.

In court, it is necessary for Air Collect to provide evidence to the judge that Air Collect is legally authorized by proxy to represent you.

The EU regulation 2016/679 provides the framework for data protection in Europe.

How do I file my claim?

File your claim on our website www.air-collect.com

After reception of our email validating your claim, please send us the requested documents by email.

For efficient handling of your claim, where possible, please provide following documents:

  • claim form requesting compensation
  • signed power of attorney
  • copy of valid identity card or passport
  • copy of booking confirmation
  • copy of the e-ticket and/or boarding pass
  • in case of overbooking, copy document with the replacement flight number
  • if available, confirmation of the delay
  • if available, confirmation of cancellation
  • invoices for expenses incurred due to your delay, overbooking or refusal to board

Or by email If you prefer, you can also send us the documents by email to contact@air-collect.com The documents will be added by us to your file which you can consult in your secure private space.

Track your claim

How do i stay informed regarding my claim?

You will receive regular updates by email regarding your claim. In case you have any questions, please contact us by sending an email at contact@air-collect.com  and we will get back to you.

I cannot remember my password

If you have forgotten or lost your password, you can request a new password by sending an email with your request to contact@air-collect.com

We will send you a new password once we have received your request.

I get an error message saying "invalid email address"

If you receive the “invalid email address” error message, your email address is not recognized by our system. It is possible that a superfluous space has been inserted in your email address (often at the end of the email address) or the address contains invalid characters. Re-enter your email address and try again.

Refresh your browser

If you are sure you have entered your email correctly, refresh the login page in your browser, and then enter the email again.

What do I have to do once I have filed my claim?

Sit back and relax. If we need additional information, we will contact you. Air-Collect will inform you regularly about developments regarding your file.

How can I contact Air-Collect if I have any questions?

You can email your questions at contact@air-collect.com or contact us directly at our live chat 

Extraordinary circumstances

What are extraordinary circumstances?

Extraordinary circumstances include situations such as meteorological conditions, technical incidents, strikes, political unrest, airport closures, bomb threats, volcanic eruptions. Airlines regularly present extraordinary circumstances as a valid reason to reject compensation claims, but often they are not. That’s why Air-Collect’s legal department verifies the accuracy and legal validity of the information provided by the airlines.

What are the consequences of extraordinary circumstances for my case?

If an extraordinary circumstance is confirmed, the airline is not obliged to pay you compensation as stipulated in regulation EC 261/2004.

The bank transfer of your compensation

How is my compensation paid?

Good news, your compensation has arrived !!! 1) The moment Air-Collect registers receipt of your compensation, we will send you an email confirming we have received your compensation from the airline. 2) Air-Collect will send you a request to communicate us your bank details. 3) After receipt of your bank details and deduction of our service fee of 25% Ex VAT, we transfer your compensation to your bank account within 30 days. Your file is now closed.

The domestic transfer or Single Euro Payments Area SEPA

We use SEPA to transfer funds to your bank account. The SEPA credit transfer is harmonised at European level and allows payments in euros within the European Union as well as in Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Monaco, and San Marino. The SEPA transfer is free of charge.

The non-SEPA foreign transfer

Non-SEPA foreign wire transfers are charged 15 euro transfer costs.

The transfer in foreign currency

We accept wire transfers in 4 currencies: US Dollar, British Pound, Swiss Franc, Yen. Wire transfers in foreign currency are charged 15 euro transfer costs.

Security and confidentiality

The security and confidentiality of personal data

To ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information, our hosting company is of French nationality, our servers are located in France.

Management of personal data

The information gathered by Air-Collect is processed by: Air-Collect

Your personal information is used by Air-Collect to obtain your compensation from the airline. Air-Collect does not share data with third parties.

Recipients of the data

Air-Collect legal department.

Legal Department of airlines inside and outside the European Union.

National Enforcement Bodies

Data is saved during a limited period of time

Air-Collect does not retain personal data beyond the period stipulated by law.

Air-Collect may retain statistical and historical data under the conditions provided for by law.

In accordance with the Information and freedom act of January 6, 1978 you have the right to access and rectify any information concerning yourself.

You can access your information by contacting: service@air-collect.com

You can also oppose the processing of your data. To find out more, consult your rights on the CNIL website: www.cnil.fr

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